Biggie Smalls Son Cj


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Busta Rhymes claimed to have seen Wallace giving out free copies of Ready to Die from his home, which Rhymes reasoned as "his way of marketing himself. " Around the time of the album's release, Wallace became friends with Tupac Shakur, also a rapper. Cousin Lil' Cease recalled the pair being close, often traveling together whenever they were not active in furthering their careers. According to him, Wallace was a frequent guest at Shakur's home and they constantly spent time together when Shakur was in California or Washington, D. C. . It was claimed by Yukmouth, an Oakland emcee, that Wallace's style was inspired by Shakur. Wallace also formed a friendship with Shaquille O'Neal. O'Neal, remembering his first time meeting Wallace, said they were introduced during a listening session to the song "Gimme the Loot", where Wallace mentioned him in the lyrics and thereby attracted O'Neal to his music. O'Neal requested a collaboration with Wallace, which resulted in the song "You Can't Stop the Reign". Sean Combs related that Wallace would not do collaborations with "anybody he didn't really respect", adding that Wallace paid O'Neal "respect by shouting him out. " In 2015, Daz Dillinger, a frequent collaborator of 2Pac, said that he and Wallace were "cool", with Wallace traveling to meet him to smoke cannabis and record two songs.