Cannibal Holocaust Animal Cruelty


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After several days of trekking through the jungle, the group encounters the Yacumo tribe. They arrange the release of their hostage in exchange for being taken to the Yacumo village. Once there, the group is initially greeted with hostility and learns that the filmmakers caused great unrest among the people. Monroe and his guides head deeper into the rainforest to locate two warring cannibal tribes, the Ya̧nomamö and the Shamatari. They encounter a group of Shamatari warriors and follow them to a riverbank, where they save a smaller group of Ya̧nomamö from death. The Ya̧nomamö invite Monroe and his team back to their village in gratitude, yet they treat the outsiders with suspicion. To gain their trust, Monroe bathes naked in a river. A group of Ya̧nomamö women emerge from the riverbank to take him to a shrine, where he discovers the rotting remains of the filmmakers. Angered, he confronts the Ya̧nomamö in the village, during which time he plays a tape recorder. The intrigued natives agree to trade it for the filmmakers' surviving reels of film during a cannibalistic ceremony, in which Monroe must take part.