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In Catalan cuisine, crema catalana ("Catalan cream") or crema cremada ("Burnt cream"), is a dish "virtually identical" to crème brûlée; The first known recipe for crema catalana appears in the Catalan cookbooks Llibre de Sent Soví (14th century) [page needed] and Llibre del Coch (16th century). [page needed] The recipe included a custard cream, over which sugar was poured and subsequently burnt with a hot iron rod, creating the characteristic burnt crust. [citation needed] Analogous recipes appear in 17th century Spanish cookery books, usually under the name of Cream of Saint Joseph ("Crema de san José"), since it was a traditional dessert served during Saint Joseph's Day, although nowadays it is consumed at all times of the year. The custard is flavored with lemon or orange zest, and cinnamon. The burnt sugar topping is documented in 1770. The recipe was referred to as crema catalana (Catalan cream) for the first time by the Spanish friar Juan de Altamiras in his 1745 cookbook, where the recipe was said to be of Catalan origin. However, there are claims that Juan de Altamiras got his recipe during his stay in the Portuguese city of Monsaraz, Alentejo in his youth. [citation needed]