Devil May Cry 4 Gloria


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Devil May Cry begins with Dante being attacked in his office by Trish. He brushes off her assault and she explains that the attack was simply a test to see if he really is the son of Sparda, as the demon emperor Mundus is planning a return, and only a descendant of Sparda can defeat him. Dante explores Mallet Island, where Mundus is set to return, encountering a variety of demons, including a strangely honourable opponent named Nelo Angelo. Dante is defeated by Angelo, but upon Angelo seeing Dante's locket, with a picture of his mother, he flees, sparing Dante's life. Other encounters with Mundus' demon generals serve to indicate Dante has become even more powerful than his father since his initial awakening on the summit of the tower in Devil May Cry 3. Nelo Angelo attacks twice more in later missions, and is eventually revealed to be Dante's brother, Vergil, who has been forced into Mundus' service since diving into the demon world at the end of Devil May Cry 3. Dante defeats Angelo, killing him, and releasing his brother from Mundus' control. He then enters the underworld in search of Mundus himself. Once there, Trish sacrifices herself to save him, and Dante comes to understand the power of Sparda that Vergil had sought in Devil May Cry 3. Dante and Mundus then battle on another plane of existence, and Trish returns, lending Dante her power, and helping him to defeat Mundus. Dante and Trish escape as the island collapses, and later work together in the renamed shop, "Devil Never Cry".