Dil Chahta Hai Aamir Khan


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In Sydney, Shalini makes Akash visit the Opera for a performance of Troilus and Cressida. She intends for him to start believing in the idea of love, unknowingly making Akash realise that he is secretly in love with Shalini herself. Shalini, however, has to return to India to marry Rohit, leaving Akash distraught. Alone in his apartment, Akash mistakenly dials Sid's number intending to talk to Sameer. When he realizes his mistake, he breaks down in tears before answering a call from his father who, realizing something is amiss, asks him to come home. In India, Shalini's uncle tells Akash that while Shalini loves him back, she is intent on marrying Rohit to please his parents who had taken her in when she was left an orphan at a young age. On the eve of her wedding, Akash crashes the festivities and proposes to her. The guests are alerted and Rohit's father has a private conversation with Shalini to make sense of the turn of events. When he finds out Shalini's reason for marrying Rohit, he asks her to marry Akash instead, concluding that it is in the best interest of their son not to be involved in a forced marriage out of a false sense of debt.