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Several days after the accident, Carter tries to set a fire on George's lawn for preventing him from saving his wife, but a chain reaction causes him to be dragged down the street on fire before his tow truck explodes. The next day, Samantha is leaving the beauty salon when a rock propelled by a lawn mower is shot through her eye, killing her. After reading about the events in the newspaper and the past disasters (of the previous films), Nick becomes convinced that Death is after them. Hunt and Janet don't believe them, but they manage to convince George to help. The group visits the mechanic shop to warn Andy, but he is killed when a CO2 tank launches him through a chain link fence. After receiving a premonition involving water, Nick tries to warn Hunt, who has gone to a country club pool. At the same time, George and Lori try to find Janet, who becomes trapped in a malfunctioning car wash, and they narrowly manage to save her. Hunt drops his lucky coin in the water after accidentally turning the pool's drain on. When he dives in, he is sucked down to the drain, where the increasing suction eventually sucks his organs through the drain pipe. Afterward, George admits that he tried to commit suicide several times, but all attempts have failed. Nick believes saving Janet must have ruined Death's plan and the group celebrates.