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The Lifestyle Statement exists to keep the GU community accountable for having a healthy lifestyle that keeps the individual in line with God's redemptive plan. It includes instructions for all students to avoid: "backbiting, cheating, dishonesty, drunkenness, gossip, immodesty of dress, lying, occult practices, profanity, sexual promiscuity (including adultery, homosexual behavior, pre-marital sex), theft, and vulgarity (including crude language). " Other actions that students must agree to refrain from, both while on and away from campus, include: "the use of tobacco in any form, alcoholic beverages, hallucinogenic drugs and substances (including marijuana), or narcotics not authorized by a physician. ", gambling, and using or possessing pornography. And, in keeping with the institution's focus on Christian principles, the document states: "Members of the community are to observe the Lord’s Day (Sunday) as a day set apart primarily for worship, fellowship, ministry, and rest. " These principles are set in place to hold students accountable for creating a learning environment that stands out from other universities and offers unique benefits to the health and well-being of the student. Greenville University understands that no student is perfect and is committed to providing support without judgment to anyone suffering from any kind of problem, addiction, or mental illness. Struggling students are often encouraged to receive counseling or meet with a mentor in order to provide professional support as they attempt to make lifestyle changes.