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On 9 February 2018, Jackson was appointed as envoy of Hong Kong Tourism. On 20 April, he released his third self-written single, "Dawn of Us", an English song once again composed and arranged in collaboration with BOYTOY. While "Papillon" dealt with the theme of self-struggle and "Okay" described self-love, the track exhorts to appreciate the present and live with enthusiasm. The duo paired up again for "Fendiman", a collaboration with Fendi China: upon its release on 25 May, the song topped the U. S iTunes Pop Chart and ranked second on the iTunes Top 100 Songs Chart, reaching first place on the latter the following day in the U. S. and several other countries, including Thailand, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia. In the meantime, "Papillon" was included in B2 Music and Vibe Asian hip hop and rap compilation album Urban Asia Vol. 1, which was released worldwide on 9 May. Jackson also featured in one of the four exclusive tracks, "Can’t Breathe" by Eddie Supa, together with Stan Sono. On 14 May, his solo track "X" for Snow Beer superX was released.