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Nick Dean is the "cool" child at school who is often seen on a skateboard, doing dangerous tricks. He does not participate in his school's show and tell activities and sometimes arrives at school five minutes before dismissal. Nick is obsessed with styling his hair, and is considered very handsome by all girls in the school. He is of Brazilian American descent, and his mother speaks Portuguese and English. Nick sometimes breaks his leg while riding his skateboard; when he does so, he usually lets out a high pitched girl-like scream. Nick was originally going to be part of the regular group of characters, similar to his role in the film. He is one of the towns' wealthiest children, living in a 92-room mansion, with a bowling alley, maids' quarters, a screening room, and a soda parlor. He can also sing operatic German, and can style his hair without using his hands. In the movie, he was almost always seen with a purple lollipop in his mouth. He is very strong; in one episode, he was able to beat up Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen and throw them all into a dumpster. However, he can be a coward at times and even a wimp as in the movie when he confronted Poultra, he ran away screaming like a girl. He wore a sleeves jacket for the first half of the series then switched to a leather jacket. He is the only male character besides Jimmy who is voiced by a female.