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Leading mid-market providers of recruiting solutions that integrate with talent management include SilkRoad and Halogen Software, who in 2011 evolved their solution to allow automation of job description building and the incorporation competencies models. While mid-market providers compete by offering their customers additional access to customer service, enterprise solution providers such as SAP or Oracle, offer organizations with over 10,000 employees a solution that integrates more closely with their HRIS. Finally, stand-alone solutions include DBsquared and JDXpert by HRTMS. JDXpert, developed by HRTMS Inc. , was the first stand-alone Job Description Management application that allowed organizations to separately manage their job descriptions independently from the other silos of information, while still ensuring that consistent and accurate details could be shared across the enterprise. It also allows you to manage not only the job description, but also other pertinent job-related data like: FLSA information, employee acknowledgements, compensation or salary leveling data and more.