Keep Calm And Love Jose Perez


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In August 2011, it was reported that a UK-based company called Keep Calm and Carry On Ltd had registered the slogan as a community trade mark in the EU, CTM No: 009455619 and also in the United States No: 4066622. after failing to obtain registration of the slogan as a trademark in the United Kingdom. They issued a take-down request against a seller of Keep Calm and Carry On products. Questions have been raised[by whom?] as to whether the registration could be challenged, as the slogan had been widely used before registration and is not recognisable as indicating trade origin. An application has been submitted by British intellectual property advisor and UK trademarking service Trade Mark Direct, to cancel the registration on the grounds that the words are too widely used for one person to own the exclusive rights, but the request for cancellation was rejected and the trade mark is still protected in all EU countries. [citation needed] The company subsequently tried to register the slogan as its trademark in both the United States and Canada.