King Shepherd Vs German Shepherd


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The build of this dog is muscular, long, and robust; the structure is solid. The head is in good proportion with the body and moderately wide between the eyes. The forehead is slightly rounded. The cheeks are not too full and moderately curved when viewed from the top. The thick, firm ears are medium-sized and moderately wide at base. The eyes are medium-sized and almond shaped. The shades of the eyes can be varying shades of brown ranging from golden brown to almost black. The chest is broad and deep. Thickly feathered, the tail reaches at least to the hocks and is slightly curved. Docked tails are inadmissible. Paws are round and short with a well closed arch. The pads are very hard. The nails are short, strong, and dark-colored. Dewclaws are usually removed. The King Shepherd comes with a wide range of colors: Sable, black saddle with tan, gold, cream, and tan or silver markings. Pale washed-out colors are serious faults. The undercoat has little color except in solid black dogs. White, blue, or liver colored dogs or a dog with a nose that is other than black are not accepted in the show ring. Puppies change color until their final coat. There are two coat varieties - plush-haired and long-haired.