Miyazawa Sae


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During this period, Miyazawa participated in the title tracks of 25 of the 27 AKB48 single releases, missing only the A-sides of "Chance no Junban" and "Ue kara Mariko", for which the featured members were determined by a rock-paper-scissors-tournament. In October 2011, she was named the AKB48 member with the most appearances in the popular music show Music Japan on NHK, with 34 performances. Although this underlines her role as one of the promotional fixtures of the group at that time, she did not reach the popularity level of fellow members like Atsuko Maeda or Oshima Yuko. Within her time in the group, she became a member of two AKB48 side projects: Chocolove from AKB48 was established in 2007 as a trio with fellow AKB48 members Sayaka Akimoto and Rina Nakanishi. The group released two singles and an album, but disbanded in 2008 following Nakanishi's departure from AKB48. In 2011, AKB48 announced that she and Akimoto would be part of another spin-off called Diva, along with Ayaka Umeda and Yuka Masuda. Following the departure of Akimoto and Masuda, Diva was disbanded in late 2014, after releasing a farewell single and album.