Naruto Shippuden Episode 377


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Two and a half years later, Naruto returns from his training with Jiraiya. The Akatsuki starts kidnapping the hosts of the powerful Tailed Beasts. Team 7 (and other ninja) fight against them and search for their teammate Sasuke. The Akatsuki succeeds in capturing and extracting seven of the Tailed Beasts, killing all the hosts except Gaara (the host of the One-Tail) who is resurrected by an Elder of the Sand village (of which he is the new Kage) at the cost of her life. Meanwhile, Sasuke betrays Orochimaru and faces Itachi to take revenge. After Itachi dies in battle, Sasuke learns from the Akatsuki founder Tobi that Itachi received an order from Konoha's superiors to destroy his clan to prevent a coup rebellion. He accepted it on the condition that he would be allowed to leave Sasuke alive. Saddened by this revelation, Sasuke joins the Akatsuki to kill Konoha's superiors and destroy Konoha in revenge. As Konoha ninjas defeat several Akatsuki members, the Akatsuki figurehead leader, Nagato, kills Jiraiya and devastates Konoha, but Naruto defeats and redeems him, earning the village's respect and admiration.