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The best alternative to a negotiated agreement, or BATNA is the alternative option a negotiator holds should the current negotiation fails and does not reach agreement. The quality of a BATNA has the potential to improve a party's negotiation outcome. Understanding one's BATNA can empower an individual and allow him or her to set higher goals when moving forward. One of the best strategy while going into a negotiation is to ensure that you have a strong BATNA, and if not, have tools equipped that can help you made the other side's BATNA weak. One of the major mistakes made by new negotiators is to disclose their BATNA at first without having had any discussion with the other side. This can jeopardise your position in the negotiation, as your negotiation might have been weaker than the other sides, and such disclosure puts you at a weaker spot in the negotiation. The best strategy is to ask a lot of questions to develop, if not an exact, but a guess about the other sides BATNA to know your position in the negotiation.