Robb Stark Song Of Ice And Fire


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On their way to the Twins, Robb learns that Balon Greyjoy has accidentally died, and the ironborn commanders are returning to the Iron Islands to attend Kingsmoot. He decided to lead his army to retake the North immediately after the wedding is complete. He soon learns that his sister Sansa has been forcibly married off to Tyrion Lannister. To prevent the Lannisters from claiming Winterfell through Sansa's child by Tyrion, against the opposition of his mother Catelyn, Robb disinherits Sansa and signs a decree legitimizing his half-brother Jon Snow as his heir if he happens to die with no children, and requests the Night's Watch release Jon from service. He then entrusts the decree to Lord Galbart Glover and Lady Maege Mormont, sending them to secretly sail up the Neck seeking contact with Howland Reed, Lord of Greywater Watch, so he can launch a coordinated attack to recapture the strategically crucial Moat Cailin. However at the Twins, the Northern convoy, who are unarmed in attendance to the wedding, are betrayed and massacred by the Freys during the wedding feast in an event known as the "Red Wedding". Robb is personally murdered by his chief vassal lord Roose Bolton, who has also secretly defected to the Lannisters and rewarded with the title of the Warden of the North.