Severus Snape Quotes


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After the completion of the series, Rowling began to speak openly about Snape, discussing the contrast between his character arc and that of Albus Dumbledore. Rowling said "the series is built around [the Dumbledore and Snape storylines]", and maintained that she always knew what Snape would turn out to be at the end and that she carefully plotted his storyline throughout the series. "I had to drop clues all the way through because as you know in the seventh book when you have the revelation scene where everything shifts and you realise. . . what Snape's motivation was. I had to plot that through the books because at the point where you see what was really going on, it would have been an absolute cheat on the reader at that point just to show a bunch of stuff you've never seen before. " Rowling further said in an interview that she wanted Snape to find redemption and forgiveness: "Snape is a complicated man. . . he was a flawed human being, like all of us. Harry forgives him. . . Harry really sees the good in Snape ultimately. . . I wanted there to be redemption. "