Sweet Potato Plants Flowering


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Sweet potatoes became common as a food crop in the islands of the Pacific Ocean, South India, Uganda and other African countries. In the Caribbean, a cultivar of the sweet potato called the boniato is grown. The flesh of the boniato is cream-colored, unlike the more common orange hue seen in other cultivars. Boniatos are not as sweet and moist as other sweet potatoes, but their consistency and delicate flavor are different than the common orange-colored sweet potato. Sweet potatoes have been a part of the diet in the United States for most of its history, especially in the Southeast. The average per capita consumption of sweet potatoes in the United States is only about 1. 5–2 kg (3. 3–4. 4 lb) per year, down from 13 kg (29 lb) in 1920. “Orange sweet potatoes (the most common type encountered in the US) received higher appearance liking scores compared with yellow or purple cultivars. ” Purple and yellow sweet potatoes were not as well liked by consumers compared to orange sweet potatoes “possibly because of the familiarity of orange color that is associated with sweet potatoes. ”