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In 1965, during French class, Buckley met Mary Guibert, one grade his junior. Their relationship inspired some of Buckley's music, and provided him time away from his turbulent home life. His father had become unstable, angry and occasionally violent in his later years. He had suffered a serious head injury during the war; that, along with a severe work-related injury, was said to have affected his mental balance. Buckley and Guibert married on October 25, 1965, as Guibert believed she was pregnant. The marriage angered Mary's father and he did not attend the wedding; Buckley's father attended, but joked to the priest, "I give it six months". Shortly after the wedding Mary realized that she was not pregnant after all. The marriage was tumultuous, and Buckley quickly moved out, but Mary soon became pregnant. After several months, Buckley found himself neither willing nor able to cope with marriage and impending fatherhood. From then on, he and Mary saw each other only sporadically. They divorced in October 1966, about a month before their son, Jeff Buckley, was born.