White Chicks Movie Wayans Brothers


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At the Biddy Bad Boy hotel, Kevin and Marcus (now known as Brittany and Tiffany) meet Brittany and Tiffany's three best friends, Karen (Busy Philipps), Tori (Jessica Cauffiel), and Lisa (Jennifer Carpenter), and their rivals the Vandergeld sisters, Megan (Brittany Daniel) and Heather (Jaime King). They also encounter Karen's love interest, Heath, a broke and jobless actor who happens to be Heather's boyfriend. Kevin shows an interest in the news reporter Denise Porter (Rochelle Aytes) from New York 1 and makes an attempt to woo her, forgetting that he is still in disguise as a woman. Marcus' wife Gina (Faune Chambers), whose relationship is already troubled, becomes an additional complicating factor as she gets suspicious when she hears a woman's voice in the background during a phone conversation with Marcus. The woman (a sales assistant) is actually just trying to help Marcus get dressed in some very tight clothes (which he rips tears and breaks the heels), but Gina misinterprets them talking and assumes that Marcus is having an affair. Meanwhile, pro basketball player Latrell Spencer (Terry Crews) takes an interest in Marcus, thinking that he is Tiffany and white. A date with Marcus/Tiffany is then auctioned off to Latrell during a charity dinner, much to Marcus's fear and Heather's jealousy. At the same time, Kevin learns of Denise's desire to be wooed by a wealthy man as opposed to the men she usually sees and uses Latrell/Marcus's date to steal Latrell's Aston Martin DB7 and house keys to take Denise on a date while pretending to be Latrell. When Kevin and Denise arrive at Latrell's house, Kevin gets mauled by Latrell's Rottweiler until he manages to trap the dog in a coat closet. As Kevin and Denise get close, he manages to gain some information relevant to the case of Ted Burton (the suspect they're after). Meanwhile, Marcus makes many attempts to repulse Latrell on their date while brushing off his many advances such as eating uncontrollably and messy, chewing off a hangnail on his big toe and farting. His attempts fail to do anything but amuse and further endear “Tiffany” to Latrell. Elsewhere, FBI agents Gomez and Harper investigate Marcus and Kevin's hotel room due to suspicion. In their search, they find the Wilson Sisters masks and panties and conclude that they are Marcus and Kevin in disguise.