Hoy No Circula Sabado 21 De Enero 2017


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Hoy No Circula is coupled with an exhaust monitoring program, known as verificación in Spanish, whereby a car's pollutant emissions are analyzed every six months. A sticker is affixed to each vehicle following an emissions test, indicating whether a vehicle is exempt from the program or not. Based on the result of their emissions test, vehicles are assigned to four classes. Class "00" (for certain new vehicles that exempt from emissions testing for up to 2, 4 or 6 years depending on gas mileage and the amount of emissions they put out, the local environmental authorities keep a list of which vehicles are eligible). For 2008, this includes certain 2009, 2008 and 2007 model year vehicles. Class "0" (generally, cars less than 9 years old and meeting more stringent emissions requirements) are exempt from the Hoy no Circula program. Class "1" vehicles are subject to the Hoy no Circula program. Class "1" vehicles as of 2008 are now grouped under Class "2" vehicles. Class "2" vehicles (including all pre-1991 passenger cars) meet weaker emissions requirements, but are subject to both Hoy no Circula and an environmental contigency program. Class 2 vehicles also include all vehicles that are older than 8 years old and that do not have an extension as permitted under the Class 00 program. No foreign plated vehicle or vehicle from a state other than the State of Mexico or Mexico City is eligible to receive a 2 sticker per Class 2 regulations. Those vehicles must obey the hoy no circula program.